How Is Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value Calculated?

The most important part buying a car is getting a fair and accurate trade-in value for your current vehicle—this is equally as important as getting a great deal on the car, truck, or SUV that you’re buying. And if you’re shopping on on a specific budget like the majority of all car buyers and looking to get the best deal with the lowest possible monthly payment, then the trade-in process is even more critical. Patterson Truck Stop is known for making the entire trade-in and car-buying process simple and easy, and it all starts with our free and instant online trade-in value calculator.

How does the trade-in appraisal process work? Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Enter the information for your vehicle, including make, model, and high-level specs
  2. Immediately see your car’s third-party fair market value
  3. Sell or trade in your car to Patterson Truck Stop and drive home a Patterson Premium Pre-Owned vehicle that comes with our FREE Lifetime Warranty

We want you to get a fair and accurate trade-in value appraisal for your car, but we also want you to see how your car’s value is calculated. Our instant online trade-in tool shows all the factors that go into determining your vehicle’s trade-in value, including how many miles are on it, recent trades for that same model in our area, the price a dealer can expect to get for your vehicle when they sell it after you trade it, and the current demand for your specific make and model in our area.

Transparency is a key part of the Patterson Truck Stop trade-in process because we want you to know exactly how and why you are getting fair market value for your car.

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