What to Look for in a Used Truck Dealership

Let’s face it: Some used truck dealerships have a less-than-stellar reputation, yet they continue to draw customers through clever marketing and catchy phrases. But you work too hard for your money to make a major purchase based on a dog in sunglasses or a guy standing on a corner adeptly spinning a sign.
Instead, before you do business at any used truck dealership in Longview, you should look for some non-negotiable benefits that protect you and make the truck buying process easier and more convenient.
Here are some of the things to look for, which will ensure you are getting the best deal possible on your used truck.

Large Inventory

Have you ever been to a used truck dealership that had three or four trucks total? It’s more common than you think, and it’s really difficult to find something you love when the options are so few. You could settle for a truck that doesn’t have the features you want, or you could visit a dealership with an impressive inventory of trucks featuring:

  • Every Make and Model
  • Lifted Trucks
  • Chrome Packages
  • Blacked-Out Exteriors
  • Mud Tires
  • KC Lights
  • Grill Guards
  • And More!

Knowledgeable Sales People

Can this truck go off-road? How much of a load can it carry? Has the truck been in an accident? Any sales person worth his salt should be able to answer these questions—and accurate answers are, obviously, very important. If you don’t feel like your sales person is able to answer with authority, you might want to consider talking with someone else.

Competitive Financing

Some used truck dealerships can only offer higher than expected interest rates, which can make your monthly payment unnecessarily more than it should be. This means two things: 1) They don’t care about their customers and 2) You’ll have to settle for less of a truck. Patterson Truck Stop offers competitive interest rates and low monthly payments to ensure the truck you want fits your budget.

FREE Nationwide Delivery

What if you need your truck delivered? What if you need it delivered somewhere that’s 1,500 miles away? Patterson Truck Stop offers FREE nationwide delivery on every used truck (and every other vehicle) on our lot.

FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

It’s natural to worry about buying a lemon from a used truck dealership, so only buy from one that is willing to stand behind their trucks with exceptional warranties.
Patterson Truck Stop checks every box for professional sales staff, impressive inventory, free nationwide delivery, low interest rates, and low monthly payments.
What about warranties?
Patterson Truck Stop provides a FREE Lifetime Warranty on almost every vehicle sold. As long as the truck is 10 years or newer with less than 125,000 miles at time of purchase then it’s covered for as long you own it, no matter how many years you drive it or miles you put on it.
Buy with confidence and get the truck you want from our highly rated Longview, TX used truck dealership! Stop by Patterson Truck Stop today to see our late-model trucks and drive home today!
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