What to Look For When Buying Lifted Trucks Used

Lifted trucks can be a great purchase for anyone in East Texas looking to do a little off-roading, interested in a higher clearance for rough roads, or in love with the look of a truck that literally overshadows the competition. When buying a lifted truck used, though, it’s important to look for a few critical details that can have a huge impact on the performance and longevity of the vehicle.

Check the DriveShaft

First off, whether it’s a spacer or a suspension lift, it’s incredibly important to check the driveshaft and rear transmission shaft to make sure that the new angle created by the lift kit hasn’t already put too much wear and tear on the steel. In some cases, it can cause failure in the driveshaft by way of bending or breaking the boot, making it leak grease and put serious pressure on the ball bearings within. If the truck you find seems to have a driveshaft and transmission in good shape, then it’s a sign that the lift kit hasn’t put too much wear on the important internals and it will probably be a good buy.

Properly Fitted Tires

The second, and one that should be easy to check with a glance, is checking that the tires are the right size and that they aren’t too worn down. Normally, you would want to fit bigger tires on a lifted truck so that it’s better at handling rough roads and the new center of gravity of the vehicle. Lifting a truck can cause wear on the tires more quickly and large wheels are going to be more expensive, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the tires are going to last a while once you drive your new ride off the lot.

Vehicle History Report

On top of that, if you can, get the repair history! Dealers will keep records of the work they’ve done to a vehicle to make sure it’s ready for test drives and new buyers, and seeing the maintenance record can give you a good idea about what’s already been done to the truck as well as what you might need to look into or keep an eye out for in the future. Getting this should be a quick and simple part of buying any used car, and getting it for a lifted truck will be even more important.

Other Modifications or Upgrades

The last step should lead you into a few things you can learn about a lifted truck that should excite you! New or upgraded suspension is a fantastic thing to see in a lifted truck since a big part of having one is being able to go places and do things that a car (or even a standard truck) wouldn’t be able to handle. Along with that, things like steps, new tires, or engine upgrades can be really exciting to see on a vehicle that you intend to use for tough roads and rough terrain.
Used lifted trucks in Longview, TX can be great buys for off-roaders, dirt road drivers, and anyone looking to drive home in something no one can ignore. With a few quick checks, you can be sure that what you buy is the absolute best deal you can find.
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