Common questions about
The car buying process

Does Patterson Truck Stop Sell All Types of Vehicles?
Yes! You can find high-quality used cars, SUVs, and minivans for sale at the pre-owned supercenter at Patterson Truck Stop.
Which Trucks Get The Best Gas Mileage?
Newer trucks can offer some of the best gas mileage. For example, the 2019 Ford Ranger and the 2018 Chevy Colorado both offer 25 MPG highway or better! You can filter our inventory of used trucks by MPG to find the truck that best meets your needs.
What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Truck?
The benefits of buying a used truck depend on mostly where you buy it. Most used trucks at Patterson Truck Stop come with our FREE Lifetime Warranty, which makes us a premier used truck dealer in East Texas. And another benefit of buying a used truck is you can usually get more features and a higher trim level for the same price of a brand new truck with less features and/or a lower trim level.
Can I Lease a New Truck?
Some customers may prefer to lease a new truck rather than buy one. Fortunately, you can absolutely lease a new truck if you choose to do so. Our sister dealership, Patterson Nissan, has new full-size and mid-size trucks available for lease.
Can I Finance a Pre-Owned Truck?
You can choose to finance a pre-owned truck if this method of payment works best for you, and the selling price of the vehicle is at least a few thousand dollars. Financing isn’t only limited to new vehicles.
Do Used Trucks Hold Their Value?
In general, pickup trucks hold resale value better than other body styles of vehicles. A used truck will hold the most resale value if it is properly maintained throughout its use. If the truck is in good condition, you can expect a used car dealer to offer you a fair trade-in value for the vehicle.
Can You Repair My Truck?
Yes, we can repair trucks at our Longview, TX dealership. Patterson Truck Stop and Patterson Nissan collectively offer a variety of repair services by expert, certified technicians onsite.
Should I Go to the Dealership for Maintenance on My Truck?
Yes, you should take your truck to the dealership for maintenance, especially if you want premium and/or OEM (from the automaker) parts and products, such as oil and other fluids. The dealership is also the best option if your truck is still under warranty or if you are looking for experts specializing in your specific model of truck.
How Do I Know if My Brake Pads Need to be Replaced?
Your brake pads need to be replaced if they are exhibiting any signs of excessive wear. If you are hearing a screeching or grinding sound when you apply pressure to the brakes, your brake pads likely need to be replaced.
Does Patterson Truck Stop Sell Parts For My Truck?
Our team at Patterson Truck Stop does sell parts as part of repair services. Although we don’t sell parts outside of a service repair, we do install new truck parts during service requests.
Where is Patterson Truck Stop Located?
Patterson Truck Stop is located in the heart of Longview, TX at 1201 McCann Rd. Click here for directions.
What Hours is Patterson Truck Stop Open?
Patterson Truck Stop is open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 7PM and Saturday, 9:00M - 6:00PM. Click here for hours and directions.


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